Hope old friends will be found


This is the same Ron (Rineer) now Ron Régnier that grew up south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Some may know me from Lancaster, or YWAM Maui DTS ’85-86, or YWAM Hong Kong Windows ’86 Mexico-USA-Europe Tour, or dancing in Minneapolis, Duluth,  Biel-Switzerland, Wichita, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Austin, or Glen Ellyn….

In the mid ’80’s I sensed a pull to France: by the late ’80’s my Uncle Dan made it clear to me that I had two lines of French Protestant Families for ancestors. One LeFevre near Strasbourg from the region Alsace, one Régnier from La Tremblade (west, central France on the Atlantic coast). They were called Huguenots and regularly encountered severe persecution like many in Europe near the start of the Reformation and years later.

Eventually settling in the Pequea Valley around 1708 near my childhood home, some of them founded Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Reliable sources indicate that some of these ancestors were martyrs for their Protestant faith. In their honor I converted my family name back to the original French spelling, Régnier.

If we have met somewhere in this world and you would like to connect, come and visit my other web addresses and pass on a note. I will be VERY happy to write back!



From the land of my ancestors (I have been in France the past 18 years-updated 2015),


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